humanitarian |(h)yoōˌmaniˈte(ə)rēən|
concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare : groups sending humanitarian aid | a humanitarian organization.


“I think one would have to be a very cold and callous person to not care about the state of ones fellow man. Personally i love to see people happy and i consider my value in proportion to how much help i can give.

Though it is good to give money to valuable causes, it is much more rewarding to also lend a hand one on one – even if just by listening. It blows my mind how many people live a quite life of suffering simply because they have never spoken about their grievances –  that’s why i became a Scientology Volunteer Minister. With the tools i learned on that course, i know i can help anyone get some relief and get on the road of  helping themselves – providing of course that they want the help!

Help those around and if you don’t know what to do, learn! There are many great ways to help someone and it is much more rewarding than turning a blind eye!”



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