Lyrics from the album “Without Love”.

Without Love © Rob Meister 2013
Ana V’s dustin her memories, wiping ‘em clean
Walking away from her sadness
To paint her life, in a cup of tea and oh,
Sad she feels oh oh
In these lonely times

Without love, everything is cold and grey
Without love, the bluer skies are far away
And life, certainly is a battle

Robbie’s alone in his bedroom
Heart on his sleeve
Wishing to bath in her sweetness
Everyday, the last it seems he’s oh,
Chained to find, the truth
And turn it around

All the little pieces, that she’s broken into
Every little bit, is stuck with thinking of you
Crashing in the water, burning in the sand
All over all over you inside

It was a long time ago
But it still feels like yesterday
And its strange how we grow
The merry go round in this song

Produced & Engineered by Jose Gentile & RM
Recorded at JG Studios & Cleartrack Studios
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Drums: Panky Malissia
Bass & Acoustics: RM
Vocals: RM
Piano & Keys: Germán Nàger
Trumpet: Julio Galindo:
Trombone: Fabricio Lescano:

Won't Let Go © Rob Meister 2009
If i were to ask you what you thought of me, what would it be
What would you say to make me move, to get me off your way

I stand before, I stand below, I’m reaching out, you’re letting go
You’re pushing me away into the darkness of your mind

But I, Won’t let go
No I, won’t let go, of you

For 6 years I was your man, I helped you grow and understand
You helped me see so many things and now I feel I’m waste

The flavor in my mouth is of, the garbage that we threw because
Of one or both of us, became a living breathing lie

Still I, want you close, yes i want you close

Each moment of six, were trillions, and a few were enough to make you cry
As I hit the wall in frustration, you would laugh and i’d be free to heal my pride

That’s why I won’t let go, no I, won’t let go

If it takes us 5 or 10, or maybe 99 till then
A different face, a different life, I’ll wait to hold you tight
If it must be for now then, goodbye

I will not walk away, if you decide to stay i’ll make this game between us
Something only others dream of

I’ve seen all my mistakes, I’ve emptied out the waste
That held me down and made me fall without you I feel lost

Produced by RM & Jose Gentile
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Recorded at Icaudio Studios
Acoustics & Vocals: RM
Strings arrangement: Edy Lan
Cello: Carlos Capilla
Vocals: RM

Peace of Mine © Rob Meister 2013
“Peace, what kind of a peace do i mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? I’m talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life worth living” – JFK

I keep on giving all and I’m willing to go to find it, to find it
They say, “everybody knows” that it’s out of control, is a lie

So keep on that line, your
Follow that line
To get peace of mind, your
Peace of mind

Take it by the reins and be willing to pay the price, your life it’s
Ain’t no other way so be ready to do it right, to get

Peace of mind

Human rights in blazing lights, no Government secrets, cased in smiles,
We got, everything in life worth saving, through your eyes, let love escape it

But the news has got you walking away, saying don’t even try it
It’s the fear that holds you down everyday
Saying you will fall, never know
You will crawl, let it go, you’ll never be free

So keep giving all and be willing to go all the way, all the way, to get

Peace of Mind

“Peace, not merely peace for Americans, but peace for all men and women.
Not merely peace in our time… but peace in all time” – JFK

Produced by JG & RM
Recorded at JG Studios, Icaudio Studios & Cleartrack Studios
Mixed by Daniel Holsinger & Icautli Cortez
Drums: Hernan Hecht
Tabla: Roman Dagna
Electric Guitars: Itto Coutiño & RM
Acoustics & Bass: RM
Sitar: Diego Estevez
Synth: JG
Vocals: RM

Doo Doo © Rob Meister 2013
The first time that i saw you standing there
My heart flew higher than my body cared, you are the one, you are the one

With my dreams on fire and coming true, every part of me was into you, Love has begun, I’ll put it in a song

And then your hand, touched my hand, electricity it filled the room
So I turned and said

Doo doo…
Come I wanna play with you

Baby babe, you know i can see,
You and me could turn into three or five or six
That’d be a hit

So i ask you to be my bride,
Hand and hand we’ll turn the night to happiness
I must confess

That in your eyes, i see sunlight
It’s time to let it out and go boom boom
Oh your smile it says

Doo doo…
Come I wanna play with you

As the sunshines, on our lifetime babe
We can bring happiness
Let the darkness fade to light

Produced by Jose Gentile & RM
Recorded at JG Studios, Cleartrack & Icaudio
Mixed by Jose Gentile
Voice intro: Jim Meskimen
Drums: Panky Malissia
Bass: Fede Seimandi
Acoustics & Ukelele RM
Electric Guitar: Irwin Thomas
Piano: JG
Vocals: RM

Bella © Rob Meister 2013
Oh Bella, please listen
I need to share my thoughts with you
I hope the roads we walk, can turn to one
The past I know is filled with sorrow
And the pain we face is something real
But know my heart is open, for you to see

Don’t keep us apart no more
Understand there’s no way that I could hurt you
No matter the load or the things untold
I am here for you, thought I’d let you know

Produced & performed by RM
Recorded at Cleartrack Studios
Mixed by Manuel Tomas

Always Love You © Rob Meister 2013
I’ll always love always love
Always love want you in my life
Always need you always need
Always need you want you to be mine

Come lets lay, give me everything
Pray for life and the things we dream

Eyes to the flame, that is our soul
Deep in your fire, i will give it all

We don’t stop, we don’t stop no
We won’t stop, we won’t stop

We can fly
As our hands reach out
We embrace the sky
Never defying love
Always giving all, giving all
Give it all

Produced by
RM with Kento Ohgiya
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Engineers: Jose Gentile, Icautli Cortez
Recorded at Cleartrack Studios
Guitars: Itto Coutiño
Synths: Kento Ohgiya
Sitar & Bell: Icautli Cortez
Tabla: Roman Dagna
Vocals: RM

WAUW4 (What Are You Waiting For) © Rob Meister 2013

Maybe once in a life you get the chance
To elevate yourself to freedoms, unknown
My hand is out to guide you through
And together we can open, the door

This chance is now its right
So what are you waiting for?

The sun is moving faster, the life is burning in ya
So, What are you waiting for?
Gotta live your life not dream it
You’re something to believe in
So, what are you waiting for?

I’ve walked through fire, fear and pain
And before the world I’m free to give all
One eyed, united on this train
Take my hand and join the leaving of old

These words i sing to you
So what are you waiting for?

Only you can roll your dice decide, make your destiny
Hope and freedom thats your life as an activist
All the millions they are waiting for you to lead them
To free them

So what are you waiting for?

Produced by Jose Gentile & RM
Recorded at JG Studios Argentina, Icaudio Studios & Cleartrack Studios
Mixed by Christian Ortega
Electric Guitar: Irwin Thomas
Drums: Panky Malissia
Bass: Fede Seimandi
Acoustics: RM
Sax: Chelo Seg
Vocals: RM

Got Your Back © Rob Meister 2013
If you came to me for help
Would it be bad for my health, no
Coz i want to see you better
I will stand by you and deliver trust, no fluff
Coz life ain’t too much happy, when my friends are feeling crappy no

Helps a word with bad associations
Often abused when used in public relations oh, but thats for dough!
Truth be told without it there’s nothing, but with plenty of it,
Anyone can be something go, for gold
So lose those friends who thing you owe something
And get new ones who just wanna give loving
Life is fine when your friends are aligned in goal

Gotta look out for my friends
Give lots of help to my friends
Keep on giving not expecting or collecting bad energy
Gotta look out for my friends
Give lots of love lots of love to my friends

If you came to deliver, a silly rumor of a sister yo, I’d say go
Bad news got no times for that,
Though some people love that shit I don’t, I don’t
But if you live your life by the TV
I guess you don’t wanna life too easy
Better ways to spend your days I know

This is the bridge where we says it as it is
Those that wanna drug ya, but say they love ya
Really don’t they wanna see you dead and dying in the pit
Though the world gets real cold when you’re alone
Reach out and help somebody that you know
Or that you don’t, it’ll make you warm
It’ll make you grow

Produced by RM & Jose Gentile
Recorded at JG Studios Argentina & Cleartrack Studios
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Vocals recorded at Cleartrack Studios
Electric guitars: Irwin Thomas
Bass: David Sanchez
Drums: Hernan Hecht
Acoustics: RM
Violin: Dave Kline
Keys: Kento Ohgiya
Vocals: RM

Too Many Times © Rob Meister 2013
Too many times, I’ve held out for forgiveness
The light behind your eyes I feel is gone

Too many times, I’ve prayed for higher meaning
Between the love we shared that ended wrong

I thought it was meant to be for this life
I thought that we’d open the world to higher skies

Too many times, you came to me sincerely
To give love, that turned to be in spite

And too many times, I fell into desire
With these words, I’m faced with empty eyes

Another illusion, tainted black from white
Another delusion of love that’s thrown aside

The lights you save
Will not replace those torn away
You left me in the darkest place
The same i feel for you

I’ve realized
The living of the deepest lies
Are what we’re trying to deny
Those we love and need

I’m standing in rain here, eyes toward the sky
I’m standing in pain dear, to breath our love, was life

Produced by RM & Jose Gentile
Recorded at Icaudio Mx & DIAM Studios
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Guitars: Itto Coutiño & RM
Bass, Acoustics & Synths: RM
Drum: Hernan Hecht
Piano: Ana Victoria
Vocals: RM

Open Your Eyes © Rob Meister 2013
Open your eyes and see the day
Open your eyes and let the feeling grow, let magic show the way

Open your eyes and feel the rain
Open your eyes and let it wash away the things unsaid
Let love, Light the way

Today i decided my dreams were here to stay
Signs of a good life, share the secrets and grow

Open your eyes and see the day
Open your eyes and let the feeling grow
Let magic show
Let love, let love
Light the way

Produced by Jose Gentile & RM
Recorded at Icaudio Studios & Cleartrack Studios
Guitars RM
Synths: Kento Ohgiya
Mixed by Manuel Tomas
Vocals: RM