Meskita Music & Miami

I just spent a great weekend in Miami with my designer friend Alessandra Meskita & actress Ana Lorena Sanchez!

My main reason for going was so see Meskita being featured in Miami Swim Week at Soho House which was amazing! Her designs are superb!! In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a video of the show featuring my track “Always Love You” which I am excited to share with you!

Aside from relaxing i also got to enjoy 40th birthday of Grammy winning Producer Andres Lopez at his studio. You can see from the pic that we was having a great time!!!

I absolutely love Miami!! 🙂

“Peace of Mind” Album Release

After a very solid year of recording, editing, mixing mastering and then a painful process with my graphic designer, i am very happy to release my first solo album in more than ten years. The pressures and demands of life made this project take longer than anticipated, but i am very happy with the product. It will be available on Itunes, Amazon etc this coming week…and if you are in Clearwater this Sunday, i will have the release party…check FB for details.

New Solo Record WELL into Production

I just spent two weeks in Icas badass studio tracking drums with Grammy winning Porducer and Drummer Hernan Hecht, Mariachi Guitar and Bass with legend Ernesto Anaya, Upright Bass with master David Sanchez as well as others.

Man Icas studio is the bomb. His collection of Neumann Mics, Telefunken Pres, sonic perfection in the rooms and generally a great vibe made it a treat!

Now i am in Bogota editing before heading to Florida for some more tracking and then Argentina to finish things off with the great Jose Gentile.

The incredible Patrick Warren (Diane Krall, Clapton, Tom Waits and many more) is currently laying down keys on Fools Never rest and aren’t i just loving it! Patrick worked with me on the album “Ready” by Ana Victoria and he is one fine fine musician!

Still got heaps of recording to do, but right now “I’ll Always Love You” and “What are you Waiting For” and two track that are standing out!


Billy Sheehan – What it was like performing with a Rock Legend!

I have just finished 3 shows with Billy in the Caribbean, the last being today 1/1/13.

To be honest i am still completely blown out by the experience as well as being physically exhausted – you can’t help but give every possible ounce of energy into your performance when you have someone like this next to you. He is ridiculously inspiring yet so humble, real and just cool! God he even let me take a Bass solo as we carved out a version of Stanley Clarkes “School Days”. To be honest, i sucked, but it was still a thrill. Fortunately my vocals didn’t suck and after the show Billy offered to play on my record which i will do in Jan Feb this year!

In short, being around such a Master is unquestionably the musical highlight of my life so far. It has lifted my level of dedication and love of music to a much, much higher level.

Here are some pics from the shows:

Billy had the idea to do Stanley Clarks “School Days” with 4 Bass players!