Staying alive!

In my 52 years on this planet and all the adventures contained therein, numerous times around the globe, hundreds and hundreds of events, tours, small gigs or giant concerts with Latin superstars of 80,000 people, I experienced an overwhelming amount of goodness, hope and positivity. Aside from a handful on incidence (5-8) including a few desperate police on the streets of Mexico eager to extort money for some made up crime, my experience with humanity has been nothing short of extraordinary. I love this world and everyone I have met.

Yet my lessons as a late teen and in my early twenties kept me alert to the fact that some people will do and say anything to hide their own crimes. I have since learned that some are driven mad by their own hatred of self, that they slice with venom anyone that comes close to discovering or exposing the things they are desperate to hide. These people are in a sad state indeed and more than once I wept for those I once loved who I saw jailed by their own transgressions. Even worse their only “escape” was to try and imprison others into their own hell out of some twisted and desperate effort to “stay alive”.

Such people might be relatively few, but they do exist and it would serve humanity well if we were able to recognize them quickly, so any potential damage they could inflict were stopped sooner than later. I have learned such information and honestly, it saved my life more than once, so I am sure it can help you.

Do yourself a favor and take this course:

In my opinion, only by enough people at all levels of society knowing and applying this information, do we have a chance of changing the dangerous course Earth is currently on.


Crikey where is 2021 going!!!!

Hey Guys

When my time lifted from being marooned on the farm last year, I hit Sydney with SUCH force, that i completely forgot to write a thing here.

Anyways, I trust everyone that reads this is well and making the best out of the strangest time our current civilization has faced.

I am now living in Australia, have started a nutrition company, reunited with my daughter (after 28 years, which has been a phenomenal experience), am studying hard for a new career humanitarian post with my church and am otherwise flat out and loving life!

New music coming soon (I Hope!)


The Great Reset – Good, Bad or Ugly??

Few haven’t at least heard the term “The Great Reset”. It sounds dramatic, universal and like a Hollywood film – but what is it exactly and how does it effect us all?

It may seem unreal to some, but from what I can tell, it is a term denoting a financial reset that will in part transfer wealth from the masses (specifically small to medium business owners) into the hands of the few that are already commanding multi billion dollar enterprises – not to mention a whole host of other “benefits” at the expense of our populations.

Sound crazy? I wish it were…

Look for yourself and may you never think the same again!


The Great Reset, Destroying Currency And The Transhumanist Agenda With Catherine Austin Fitts

Perfect Amino Audiobook #

Have you lived before this life?

One thing that has changed a lot over the last few months is my appearance on FB live doing talks on a host of different topics for my Church. Though for the longest time I rarely mixed this page with my personal beliefs, I have decided to make this page much more about who I am in a complete sense rather than just about music.

Truth is, since 2011 I haven’t been working in the Music Biz very much at all after leaving latin America. My purpose to help people took on a new level of priority then and most of the music I do now is related to my work with the IAS, Youth for Human Rights and other Non profits as well as directly for my Church.

I am not one to stand on a soapbox, but considering the state of the world, it would be very callous of me to not share the information that has helped me achieve true spiritual happiness. Given our purpose is to unite all religions and not concert anyone, then i think it’s a good purpose to make known.

That said, this weeks is going to be a very interesting topic, so I hope you can join me.

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Escaping lockdown

Well, well, well…what a ride it was during the lockdown! I am happy I got to spend it in Tasmania on 200 acres in the incredible Huon Valley, but I now that I am in Sydney, I feel a great sense of relief that life is starting to come back to normal, or is it? As of today, Victoria is now locking down suburbs which is really strange. If we were dealing with a truly deadly virus that was killing people wholesale, then it would make sense, but based on current statistics, COVID is like a seasonal flu.

This is a seriously weird time and I fear that the good people in our Gov are following recommendations/orders for another purpose. What it is I am not fully sure, but it doesn’t appear to be good at all.