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Have you lived before this life?

One thing that has changed a lot over the last few months is my appearance on FB live doing talks on a host of different topics for my Church. Though for the longest time I rarely mixed this page with my personal beliefs, I have decided to make this page much more about who I am in a complete sense rather than just about music.

Truth is, since 2011 I haven’t been working in the Music Biz very much at all after leaving latin America. My purpose to help people took on a new level of priority then and most of the music I do now is related to my work with the IAS, Youth for Human Rights and other Non profits as well as directly for my Church.

I am not one to stand on a soapbox, but considering the state of the world, it would be very callous of me to not share the information that has helped me achieve true spiritual happiness. Given our purpose is to unite all religions and not concert anyone, then i think it’s a good purpose to make known.

That said, this weeks is going to be a very interesting topic, so I hope you can join me.

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The Ultra Clean Age!

There is not doubt that staying clean is a vital part of personal and social health, but sadly there are many that don’t know or apply these basics. For them my Church has developed this beautiful piece – i hope you it useful.

What I think about Vaccines

Let me be clear, I am not Anti-Vaccines, in fact there is little doubt the technology behind Vaccines is brilliant and has saved many lives. But why there are toxins like Thimerosal (ethylmercury), Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and other known human carcinogens or toxins in them perplexes me. I think people should have the option to get vaccines that don’t have these ingredients.

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My Survival Tips

What a strange time we have just entered. In many ways it is exciting that we can all band together to beat a virus, but my opinion is a majority won’t easily take this point of view and thus much frustration and restlessness will get activated, only to be taken out on those in the immediate environment. A friend in Italy told me that crime has gone to zero, but that domestic abuse has skyrocketed! No surprises there considering all the espressos they drink!!!

So how do we get above our own frustrations and make the most of this situation, without going mental? There is no quick fix to this, even though to some it will be the bottle, drugs or some other addiction.

What can you do? Aside from working to make moula, I suggest the following:

0. Watch the media as little as possible, to not at all – once a week is plenty enough as the message won’t change in a hurry. Our Prime Minister said be prepared for 6 months! God I hope not, but I am thinking with that possibility. The problem with the media is it can make one fearful, feel helpless and a spectator to life, so small doses please!

1. Make a garden and plant as many veggies as you can (indoor gardens work). If possible also get some chickens, so you have access to eggs. Plants grow fast and you’ll find out how to do it on YouTube – its very easy!

2. Use this time to reconnect with old friends and loved ones. Talking about the news and how bad it is won’t help, so reminisce and share stories, tell jokes, whatever you choose, but don’t just spew hate to the current scene.

3. Forgive the misdeeds of others. We are all human and we have all made mistakes. Ultimately carrying forward your pain and being a victim to someone else just isn’t healthy. Most people are good and deserve a second chance and this will help change the global Karma. We are all intimately connected and though you may think what you do doesn’t matter, it does. The love and tolerance you show to others makes a big difference – conversely, when you attack, hate or show frustration, you spread that too.

4. Make music, sing, dance, paint, draw, create! Art is an incredible therapy, one of the best and no matter how bad you think you are, just do it and have fun!

5. Exercise…20 minutes a day minimally.

6. Try not to get stuck on social media or the TV: paint a room, fix that broken door handle, anything that needs doing but that you have been putting off, do it now!

7. Avoid conspiracies. This is one of the hardest for me as I am sure there is much more going on than what the media says, but going down that rabbit hole isn’t very empowering. Maybe it is for some and if so, do it. But whether COVID19 was created by the Illuminati, the Dems, the CIA, CCP, KGB or the animal smugglers of Wuhan, we won’t know in a hurry and ultimately, what will be will be. You can’t directly change what they are doing, but you can change yourself, those around you and your immediate environment…by making that as ideal as possible, you will effect the greater scene and bit by bit the world will change for the better.


Corona or Financial Pandemic?

If it were possible to take corruption & vested interests out of the equation, I am sure we would all trust the media and governments much more. Historically though, the link between corruption and/or vested interests at the top of countries are undeniable – therefore trust is generally low from my experience.

With the above in mind, am I wrong to assume that there might be much more to the current Corona hysteria? Is it right to shut down whole countries for a virus that has the same or less mortality rate as the normal Flu – and this is according to the W.H.O ? (Check this story

150,000 people die a day, so death is a natural part of life and though we should all do our best to protect the elderly and immune deficient from the flu or any other disease, 98% of people can catch a virus and survive – plus be stronger for it, so why risk destroying whole economies because a very small % might die? SARS had a way higher mortality rate 14%+ average and 50% for people over 60 – but whole countries were not shut down.

There are a lot of good people in Government, working dedicatedly to make things better and save lives in this current situation, but like anyone, the actions they take are based on the information they are given.

What if this virus is being used for other purposes? to destabilise the ruling party? or reset a broken financial system, a system that is swimming in irreversible debt? surely what is currently happening will have a huge effect on the financial systems of our world. Italy is in debt 2.3 trillion USD and was the first to lock down production while practically destroying their economy. The stock market is crashing just like 1929, 1987 & 2008, oil prices are tanking and Russia, China and the USA seem to be in some battle royal for control. How does this all relate to the virus. This interview offers some interesting views

As an aside, I found it suspiciously fascinating that several Celebrities and Gov officials contracted Corona Virus within weeks of it being announced. Isn’t it strange that in China where it began, 80,881 caught the virus (which is .00065% of the Chinese population) yet, somehow officials in Australia, Spain, France, Japan, Israel, Italy, Canada, Brazil & Poland as well as celebrities like Tom Hanks & others, plus a list of top athletes caught this virus all within a short period? The odds are astronomical and though not impossible, is it not conceivable that some of these cases could be staged to forward another purpose?

I don’t know the answers, but I am willing to ask the questions.

While the people in Government have their challenges, for most THE BIG KILLER right now is isolation and fear! Fear to touch, fear to be close to others, driven by an obsessed media…and from something that you can’t see and that you are told is potentially on anyone or anything??

We must be sensible with our health, but being afraid of a virus and letting it control your state of mind and every move is not something I can agree with. I would encourage you all to avoid the media and focus on what you can control. Most importantly don’t get pinned into the shut down mentality and forget to create your future.

Flourish and Prosper.